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  Dear Internet Friend

It's amazing! These days everyone wants their own online business, everyone wants to be a millionaire or earn a six figure income right out of their own homes. Does this feel familiar? Are you chasing the dream, getting involved in one get rich quick scam after another, "downlines", "up-lines", it's all MLM trash but hey. . . . . . you get your own web site!

My new guide reveals the dirty little secrets they don't want you to know

Friend ask yourself a question - if you get your own web site, how come your e-mail address is "average-joe@hotmail.com"? Well I'll tell you so listen up good!

They just charged you $100 or whatever to join their latest scam and all they did was enter your details into a little script that runs off their own web site. That's right they gave you a "URL" - that's simply a web address that leads back to their own site and it will cost them not 1 cent to set you up! They're taking your money and it's 100% profit for them not you. There ruining your hopes and dreams and they're ripping you off.

They won't dare give you an e-mail address that's linked with their domain name because they are going to teach you how to sell their scam to others using "bulk e-mail" and guess what bulk e-mail is?It's SPAM!

Here's the secret of... How to quickly & easily avoid the pain & discomfort of product development

Sell someone elses product! You simply identify a bunch of products that are related to each other in some way. You put up a web site so as you can capture the email address of your visitors by offering them something useful. You set up an autoresponder follow up series that lets you market your products to them forever for free!

Set up your first product, then move on and set up the second product and so on. You simply build up your products one after the other and you collect email addresses right off your own web site and you market to them for free! Think about it, how many bars of soap does your local store sell?

You see not everyone likes brand x, but some will. Some will prefer brand y, so you sell both brand x and brand y! In fact you look after your customers, you go out and find two more brands, you test them then you tell them all about how this new one you found contains special herbal extracts that help keep your skin looking younger.

And because you have been collecting the email address off your beauty care products web site, you know that when you send out your latest discovery to your list, some of them will be interested enough to try it!

No Office - No Phones - No Staff - No Business Meetings - No Forms To Fill Out - Just Cold Hard Cash In The Mail Everyday

That's exactly what less than 1% of affiliates are doing online to make a comfortable six figure income, right out of their own homes, without ever having to worry about developing new products, taking on a merchant account, taking orders, processing deliveries or customer service.

And, If you study how they do this here's what you'll discover.

  • They all have their own web sites.
  • They all offer valuable content for their visitors.
  • They all build their own "list" right off their website.
  • They all run their own newsletters to stay in touch and make new offers.

Or to put it another way - they all have their own product. Their product is their web site, it's free to visit, it's regularly updated with fresh new content that informs their visitors about the various products and services that they're promoting, reviews and short reports about the benefits and results that you can expect by using these products.

You'll notice too, that they don't just promote one affiliate program and give up when the going gets tough. They promote their own web site! That's right they have their own domain name, they are in business, they're in the business of giving away free information - no wonder they're getting the motherload of hits - who can resist free information?

And their web site contains links to dozens of different money making opportunities for themselves! Their web sites have multiple streams of income, all producing check's each and every month, $200 here $500 there, maybe some don't work, they simply replace them with more profitable programs. Some will pay off big time it's quite normal to receive checks for $1000 or $2000 every single month from your best performers!

They're "pre-selling" their prospects, getting them all juiced up to click through to the various affiliate programs they are representing and they're cashing in big time! But they don't stop there, no they make the effort to get their visitors onto their list, so they can get their cut of the back-end profits. They've changed the odds by creating multiple streams of income!

You too can discover the secrets that'll turn your
mailbox into an overflowing cashbox!

Would you like to know how I can help you join the 1% of affiliates that are actually making a good living simply by selling other peoples products? Well it's quite simple really. I'll change the odd's!

In my new guide "72,506.04 a Year Without a Product" you'll learn:

  • How to Get Your Own Products to Sell
  • Secret Traffic - How to Get 30,000 Visitors a Month
  • How to Get Your Visitors Credit Card Out
  • Insider's Secrets to Losing the Competition
  • Get Paid $1197 for One Easy Sale!
  • How to win the Pay-Per-Click Wars
  • Finding Programs That Put Cash in The Bank
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