I will teach you how to get out of any of these traffic violations:


- Speeding.


- Driving too slow


- Failure to stop at stop signs or red lights


- Making dangerous turns


- Making dangerous lane changes


- Tailgating


- Failure to yield to other vehicles


- 4-way stop intersection violations


- Failure to yield to pedestrians


- Having an open container on the road



When you go to court to contest a traffic violation, all of the odds are against you. Whether it may be passing a red light, or speeding on a local street, if you aren't prepared to fight your case, then expect only for the worst. The judge isn't sitting in the court to be in your favor. Why?


- You have much on the line - A fine to pay and higher insurance rates to deal with. The officer has little to gain or lose. The judge knows that you would be a lot more willing to twist the truth than the ticketing officer.


So what do you need to do to get the judge on your side? I have written up this ebook for you to let you know every trick and trap along the way in order to successfully appeal your ticket. I will cover every type of trick to tip the balance in your favor. I'll cover all the kinds of speed-determinations a police officer can use against you, including:


- Laser Guns


- Radars


- Aircraft Measurements


- Pacing






My ebook guide covers everything you need to do from A to Z. I start out from the absolute beginning from the time you are stopped by the officer and receive your ticket (what you should avoid saying to the officer), to all the way at the end once you are standing in the courtroom. I will guide you on what exactly you need to do and what exactly you need to say to the judge, and the questions that you need to ask the officer in order to expose his weakness. Once you have read my guide, you will be amazed at how possible it is to get out of the legal system with ease if you just know what to do and say.


Many, many people make mistakes in court by saying things that do nothing but make them look bad because of their lack of knowledge of what's a good argument and what's bad. Avoid making these excuses at all cost:


- Never say that you were not aware of such a particular law (even if you truly were not aware of it). For example, saying that you truthfully did not know what the yield sign is meant for, that's why you didn't yield to other drivers isn't going to do you anything besides making you look worse for labeling yourself as someone who just doesn't know the law. You are required to know all the traffic laws when you are on the road, even if they are trivial ones. Unawareness of the law is not an excuse.


- Never say that the officer picked only your car, even though there were others who broke the law as well. For example, if the officer ticketed you for speeding 40 mph in a 30mph zone, do not give the excuse that all the other drivers were going at 40mph, and the officer did not ticket any of them, but instead he came and ticketed only you and it isn't fair or right. This excuse will never work unless you have condemning evidence of a true motive for the officer to single you out.


- Never say that the officer lied - Ever. The I didn't do it - the officer is not telling the truth argument will get you nowhere because the judge knows that you're the person who's much more willing to twist the truth than the officer - you have much more on the line.


- Never say that your violation is okay because it did not cause any injury or accidents to anyone or anything. You may not have caused an accident that time when the officer ticketed you, but that doesn't mean that your dangerous actions are safe to other drivers, which may very well cause accidents in the coming future.


Those are the bad excuses to make. Yet, I hear people make these arguments ALL THE TIME, never knowing that they're the worst defenses to make.


So what are the good defenses you should make in court? My ebook guide will show you every single one - the defenses, arguments, and excuses that WORKS.


Think about it. Is it better to shell out a few dollars today to understand the traffic legal system and know how to fight your way out of virtually any traffic ticket, or pay the potential thousands of dollars in fines and higher insurance rates later in your life from traffic tickets?

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