Become a master at the art of kissing with this eBook!

We present to you this enjoyable & informative eBook,
"The Art of Kissing"

These are proven kissing tips you can use to totally melt your partner


Now listen closely… I know what it feels like not having a clue about how to kiss. It’s a nightmare not knowing… How do you do it? When is the right time? Where…?

Everybody always tell you to just “go with the flow” and that never got me anywhere but upside down with confusion. The problem is that in order to be a good kisser, you must first learn how to do it properly.

Let me ask you this:

This eBook will show you it all and more!  



Table of Contents

Different Kinds of Kisses

Why People Kiss

Why Kissing Is Pleasant

Approved Methods of Kissing

Kisses Are But Preludes to Love

Preparing for the Kiss

How to Approach a Girl

The Techniques of Kissing

How to Kiss Girls with Different Sizes of Mouths

Enjoy the Thrills of Kissing

The French "Soul" Kiss

Put Variety into Your Kisses

The "Vacuum" Kiss

The "Spiritual" Kiss

The "Eyelash" Kiss

The "Pain" Kiss

The "Nip" Kiss

Variation Kisses Are the Spice of Love

Electric Kissing Parties

The Dancing Kiss

The Surprise Kiss

Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Kissing Games

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