Internet Spy Toolkit!

You Can Be An
Internet Spy

If you have ever wanted to be a "spy" then this kit is for you! You will be able to find information on anyone! This toolkit is the most complete of its kind! You wont find more information anywhere else! You will have the "power" that only select people and organizations use to have.

Get access to:
  • Adoption Resources
  • Business Directories
  • Computer Virus Information
  • Consumer Watch
  • Credit Information
  • Experts
  • Genealogy
  • Government Databases
  • Illegal Drug Archives
  • Information Brokers & Online Databases
  • Law & Order
  • Military Resources
  • Newsgroup Search & Track
  • People Directories & Searches
  • Privacy
  • Research Databases
  • Security/Intelligence News Services
  • Social Security Information
  • Spy Equipment
  • State Information
  • Street Maps
  • Vital Statistics
  • and more!

Learn how to:

  • Find loved ones & old friends.
  • Surf anonymously on the net!
  • Send anonymous email!
  • Find people using only their phone number!
  • Create a map showing directions
    right to a person's door!
  • Get bank account information!
  • Do social security lookups!
  • Track anyone's newsgroup postings!
  • Get court documents!
  • Get credit Reports!
  • Get Driver's records!
  • Get law enforcement records!
  • Get FBI records!
  • Get your FBI file!
  • Get CIA information!
  • Get Criminal Records!
  • Get motor vehicle registrations!
  • Listen in on the police radios!

This kit is perfect for bounty hunters, private eyes, lawyers, gossips, or just anyone wanting to find someone! You dont have to be a pro like people think! Anyone can find anyone else with the right tools!

Bid today and find out just how easy you can find anyone!

As always, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not honestly happy with what you discover...



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