Have you ever wondered how David Blaine has gotten so famous? Well, this ebook will expose to you all of Blaine's secrets. You will learn how to perform magic just the way Blaine does it in his rise to fame:

- Levitate Right in Front of a Spectator! - This is the trick that made Blaine famous!

- Twisting Arm Illusion - Twist your arm 360 degrees!

- Cigarette through the Coin Trick - Push a cigaratte right through a quarter!

- Psycho Kinetic Time - Change the time on the watch of a victim!

- Coffee to Coins Street Magic Trick - Make coins appear in a cup of coffee

- Ace Shake - A spectator signs a card, put back into a deck, and was made to appear between two aces!

- Paul Xenon Tax Disc Removal Secret - Invite a spectator to stand near a car. Ask him to check the car tax disc inside the windscreen. You place his hand over the disc and pull it right through solid glass!

- Coin Bite and Restored Coin - A coin is bitten and a piece is removed. The coin is then restored and the missing piece is spat out

- String Magic Trick - Roll some thread into a ball in your fingers. The thread is then placed in your mouth and swallowed. You bare your stomache and then pulls the thread out from your throat!

- Fly Resurrection - Resurrect a dead fly!

- Mind Reading Card Trick - Literally READ a spectator's mind on what card he thought of

- The Pop-Up Card - A signed card is put into a deck and shuffled. Later, the card pops up from the deck!

- Two Card Monte - Switch the position of two cards right in front of a spectator's eyes without his knowledge!

- Voodoo Ash - A name is written in a piece of paper, crumbled up and thrown in an ashtray. You now will guess the name written on that paper

- Cough Cough - A signed card is placed into a deck. Later, you regurgitate that card from your mouth!

- Card in Bottle - A signed card is placed into a deck. Later, you make the card appear in a bottle

- Coin Vanish - Vanish a coin inside a spectator's hand without even touching it!

- Card through the Window Trick - A card is placed into a deck. Later, you make the card appear stuck inside a window


Imagine the kind of fun you'll be having when you amaze your friends and family with David Blaine's street magic secrets!

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