How To Buy Antiques And Collectibles

This E-Book provides the information you need to start dealing in antiques. Ebook exert:

Are you aware of all the money being made on eBay and other sites selling antiques and collectibles? You can't help but notice. And maybe you were a little envious or frustrated because they knew something you didnít. Well I'm here to tell you that these people were not born with any special intrinsically knowledge of the antique and collectible trade. It's learned behaviour as they say.

I've been in the business myself for several years now and I have many trusted friends who have been in longer. There is no disagreement from any of them. There is no substitute for experience. I must say that up front so as to not give the wrong impression about the intent of this information. That being said, there is no reason you can not benefit and profit beyond your wildest imagination by knowing some of the tricks of the trade that are known by most antique and collectible dealers, but are just beyond the reach of the average person.

Go ask any person in the antique and collectible business if they have ever been burned buying a reproduction (repro) and the first thing you'll notice is a sheepish little grin start to emerge. Then ask them if they have ever sold a reproduction and that grin will turn to an uncomfortable swallow.

Reproductions are the bane of the industry. Some are obvious fakes, others are so good they can and do fool the experts. I thought it best to start with this subject for a couple of reasons, to keep you from getting burned and to keep you from inadvertently burning someone else.

Question: If these reproductions can fool even the experts how can a novice have a chance? Ah, I'm glad you asked that question, grasshopper. The simple answer is they are not all good reproductions. Only the most expensive items in the trade are worthy of the time and effort it takes to make a good reproduction. The rest of them are for the most part made in China and you can tell it with a few exceptions.

If a person trades in the bread and butter items of the industry, he can, using common sense and a basic understanding of a few things and avoid most problems. This e-book will show you how.

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